Valera Vale On Property Bull Sale

2020 Supplementary Data Sheet


To view individual videos of the bulls being offered at our 2020 on property sale, please follow the below link.

2020 Sale Bulls

Visit the Valera Vale On Property Bull Sale – 11 September 2020 – 11am
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We will keep uploading photos of the bulls up to sale time in the photo gallery below with a complete cross section of our offering being featured. We believe there is not a second rate bull in the catalogue. Each bull is grown out in large buffel paddocks before going to “Muan” to be prepared for sale. These bulls can walk and like to get about and will be ready to go to work without any letting down.

They have been semen tested and soundness by professional cattleman and veterinarian Dr. Paul Vetter (“Cooladdi Park”, Cooladdi) who runs a herd of Droughtmaster breeders and uses Valera Vale bulls exclusively. Paul doesn’t leave a bull in the draft  that he wouldn’t use himself and we don’t want him to. The bulls have a   vaccination history that is truly “second to none” not just an advertising claim. This includes full courses for Vibriosis, Botulism, 5 Clostridial Diseases, Leptospirosis, 3 Day sickness and Trivalent Tickfever. It also includes earnotch testing for Pestivirus persistent infection. We vaccinate for everything we think can affect the bull’s performance for the buyer, not just for things that might cause grief pre-sale. Our herds have passed a total of 16 Check Tests for Bovine Johnes Disease (BJD) and so the bulls are free to go to Western Australia and as well as being bought with confidence by everyone.

As usual there will be free delivery to any major centre in Queensland including but certainly not limited to places such as Cloncurry, St George, Charters Towers and Gympie. Of course we will endeavour to do this by the most cost effective manner using backloading of road trains etc. but if that isn’t practical we will run our own truck. This offer covers purchases of one to any number of bulls.

This year we have catalogued 98 selected bulls and believe they are the best group we have assembled so far. All bulls are carrying at least 1 poll gene and 44 are homozygous polls. They have been prepared at “Muan” at Biggenden on a silage based ration. The results have been astounding and we have achieved much better semen results than with any of the previous protocols we have tried indicating the bulls are being presented in a more sound and healthy state. Thank you to Len Gibbs and the team at Muan.

The sale is conducted by Landmark and Elders in conjunction and your local branch will be happy to bring you out to the sale. Alternatively we offer 4% Vendor’s Outside Agent rebate to other agents introducing clients prior to the sale and accompanying them to the sale.

Catalogues can be sourced from your preferred agent

or the pdf downloaded via this link:

Valera Vale 2020 Catalogue