Our philosophy for breeder selection is simple: a healthy calf every year or culled. No excuses, no exceptions. After achieving this minimum standard, breeders are selected for temperament, structural soundness (particularly legs), and udder conformation. We don’t waste selection pressure on anything that isn’t related to dollars for a commercial operation.

It is well established that a functional breeder herd achieving high survival and calving rates is the main determinant of profitability in breeder and breeder/fattener enterprises. We consider that high levels of breeder performance and environmental adaptation are closely linked and rigorously select for this by culling without exception breeders who preg. test empty or subsequently fail to present a calf at branding. The resultant cattle after thirty years of selection have moderately high Bos indicus content with sleek coats and loose pliable hides. We believe this process has achieved the walking ability, sound udder structure and the high levels of parasite resistance and feed conversion ability required to maintain adequate body condition to survive and reproduce in our challenging environment. It also results in impressive growth rates as these are the same attributes required to convert pasture to kilograms. The bull progeny of these breeders have demonstrated their ability to thrive throughout northern Australia.